竑國潤滑科技(昆山)有限公司為一臺資企業,母公司在臺灣已有數十年的油品銷售經驗。2006年為因應大陸地區廣大的市場需求,于江蘇省昆山市設置潤滑油工廠,進行油品生產及銷售. 以自營品牌銷售一般工業用油(液壓油、齒輪油、空壓機油、真空泵油等)及橡膠制程油,并取得德國沙索導熱油SASOL MARLOTHERM系列產品之大中華區總代理。

    Honko Technical Lubricants (Kunshan) CO., LTD. was a Taiwan funded company, and our parent company had much experience on selling lubricants in Taiwan for decades. Concerning to the vast market demand in mainland China, we established our own lubricants plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu of China since 2006 for selling and producing lubricants with own brand, in fields of industrial oil (Hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, vacuum pump oil, etc), mineral-based and synthetic heat transfer oil, and rubber process oil. Furthermore we have acquired the exclusive distribution rights of SASOL(German) MARLOTHERM series heat transfer oil in China.

    We introduce the managing philosophy and marketing experience for more than ten years in Taiwan to our plant in Kunshan, realize local manufacturing, and insist on the consistent quality requirement. The quality control starts from I-QC (input quality control), IP-QC (in-process quality control), F-QC (final quality control) to O-QC (output quality control) and insuring the high quality production in every procedure. In order to continuously produce excellent technical products, we use advanced measuring instruments and developing equipments.

    Here at Honko, we provide complete lubrication solutions, continuous and real-time service to our valuable customers. Customer satisfaction is the goal of our company. We believe in the core values of Honest、Quality、Service、and Innovation as our spirit of enterprise, and has operated under those principles since founded.

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